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Windy City is a Leader in Residential Roofing With Knowledge About All Types of Roofing Materials.


Windy City specializes in residential roofing installation and roof replacement. Windy City has an expert team of roofers whose residential roofing work is professional and thorough. Trust Windy City to beat any roofing estimate.

The residential roofing team at Windy City uses only architectural shingles that are guaranteed for the life of your home.  Our lifetime guarantee is also transferable one time.  This means that when you sell your home, whether next year or 20 years from now, the buyer also receives a lifetime guarantee.  This is the best guarantee available in the marketplace.


Windy City
is also experienced in using materials such as slate and clay tiles for more upscale residential roofing. Long lasting and nearly indestructible, slate is a residential roofing material that can last up to 100 years. It’s very important for a professional residential roofing company to perform any maintenance on slate roofs because they are easily breakable.

These are just a few of our specialties. Windy City will bring more than 23 years experience to your residential roofing job. Our residential roofing clients are highly satisfied customers who refer their friends and family. For Windy City, customer service is our first priority. Windy City is a residential roofing company that will be around for a long time, fully backing our warranties.

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