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Siding is the most noticeable visual on most homes.  This is logical, as siding occupies more square footage of a home's exterior than any other exterior product.  Originally, siding was available only in wood.  Then, in the 1950's, aluminum siding came into the marketplace.  Aluminum siding beacme the hottest thing in many housing markets, particularly in the Chicago metropolitan area.  However, there are severe disadvantages to aluminum siding.  For one, aluminum siding is a metal that is painted.  This leads to paint fading, paint being scratched off the siding from contact with foreign objects (i.e. furniture, tree limbs, bicycles, toys, pets, rocks and other debris being thrown up by lawnmowers, snowblowers and strong winds).  Secondly as a metal, aluminum takes on the temperature qualities of the outside environment.  In the summer, the hot siding fights indoor air-conditioning; and in the winter the cold siding fights indoor heat.  Third aluminum siding is a very rigid product, therefore a great deal of caulk has to be used to seal cracks and gaps-- caulk deteriorates over time and must be re-applied or replaced completely.  These last two points contribute to energy loss and higher energy bills for homeowners.  Lastly aluminum siding, due to it's rigid makeup, is very susceptible to dents-- particularly from hail. 

Fortunately, homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for hail damage to aluminum siding. Many homeowners are unaware that they have been paying for this coverage in their regular homeowner insurance premiums since they purchased their home.


The concerns with aluminum siding augmented the development of the vinyl siding industry.  Vinyl siding has continuously been refined and improved to become the preferred siding in today's marketplace.  High quality vinyl siding is less susceptible to environmental temperature than aluminum; is pliable enough that it does not dent, is guaranteed not to split, crack or chip; is guaranteed against color-fading, as the color mold injected process places the siding color throughout the material; and its nature allows it to be manufactured to more exacting standards-- thus eliminating the need for large amounts of caulk and providing better insulation properties.  Today, high quality vinyl siding is by far the most popular choice for Chicago area homeowners-- and for good reason.

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