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Windows and Patio Doors

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Windows & Patio Doors from Windy City

Of the many aspects of your home’s exterior, one of the most important are your windows and patio doors. Making sure that the material used in your windows is high quality, weather-resistant, and most importantly, energy-efficient, is of the utmost importance. That’s why choosing the right company for window installation and patio doors is vital as well.

With today’s advances in material and technology, you can rest assured that the windows installed in your home will not only remain in good shape but will save you significant money on your electric and gas bills. In fact, according to the EPA’s EnergyStar program, they estimate savings between $126.00 to $465.00 per year, depending on the window installations and patio doors you currently have.

With quality material and the window installation and patio door installation from Windy City, you can have great satisfaction and substantial savings.

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Vinyl Window Installation & Patio Doors

Windy City Contractors installs replacement premium vinyl windows and patio doors. All our windows/patio doors are installed by factory-certified installers, thereby the manufacturer warranties include all labor and materials. These products come with a ltd. Lifetime warranty.

We use vinyl replacement windows for a variety of reasons. Wood windows require ongoing sanding, painting, staining, caulking, and cleaning. Additionally, wood absorbs moisture and is subject to expansion and contraction with the temperature variances we experience in Chicago. Wood windows are susceptible to mold, mildew and rot if not properly maintained. Wood windows are more expensive initially and require ongoing maintenance costs.

Using quality vinyl materials for our window installation have a lower purchase price, have no ongoing maintenance costs, are energy efficient, durable (seams are welded to minimize air leaking and moisture entry), are non-corroding and UV resistant.

Why Choose Our Home Exterior and Window Installation Experts

Installing new windows and patio doors in your home is an investment that Windy City respects. We’ll take the time and attention to detail to ensure that your installation not only holds up, but that the material is great as well. Here are a few other reasons to choose our home exterior experts in patio doors and window installation:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranties on our Windows and Patio Doors
  • Properly Licensed and Insured
  • A+ Rating with The BBB
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Windows & Patio Doors



Full 5-Year Labor and Material Warranty in addition to all manufacturer warranties.

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